Master Performance Coach David Martin

A Master of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, a Master of Taekwondo, a Master in Personal Breakthroughs and certainly a Master Presenter, David can show you:

  • How to create a personal mission that will keep you motivated
  • How to engage your self-discipline to get you started toward success
  • How to identify your current Self-Image and create the necessary changes
  • How to use language to “program” your automatic success mechanism
  • How to actually model success in others and create the same results
  • How to expand your personal “toolbox” so that you are equipped to stay on pace with the rapid changes in today’s world
  • and more……

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Motivator, Entertainer, Agent of Change & Master Performance Coach … he has been called all of these and more.  David Martin combines over 30 years of “in the trenches” experience to bring you a no-nonsense, get to the point, create results NOW methodology that has become known as the Performance Zone.

Powerful breakthroughs have been and are being made with Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Athletes and individuals of all levels.  Corporations & Businesses that are tapping into David’s vast body of knowledge and information are:

US Taekwondo Committee, US Olympic Committee, Pharmakon, L & G Mortgage Banc, Nextel de Mexico, the Bank of Mexico, Telcel (America Movil), Coldwell Banker, CB Richard Ellis, Univarsidad de Carabobo – Venezuela, CATTCO Consulting Venezuela, Worldwide Investors Group, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, BAC Bank of Florida, Rpost, Advantage Rent a Car, Fiesta Americana, RE/Max Signature, Newport Networks, GE Energy, ALP Limited, Executive Solutions …

“The process for success in life or in competition is identical: strategy, training, commitment, execution. Know what it is you want, prepare with that end in mind, commit to the goal and take action!” – David Martin

From Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and all around the world, David brings his unique combination of entertainment, education and empowerment to those people seeking to recognize that no matter what they think they are…they’re always more than that!

As the old saying goes, “When the student is ready, the Master will appear.” The Master is now here, the question is, are you ready?


Welcome to Your Better Future!

There are three (3) main areas of focus in Performance Coaching. They are listed below. These are primary however due to the dynamic nature of working with people one on one there are many tangential components that arise based on the individual.

The primary areas are:

Aligning Vision with Values

  • Controlling the Focus of Your Mind
  • What Do You Want and Why
  • What’s Most Important to You
  • The Decisions That Shape Your Results

Mastering Communications

  • Communicating with Certainty
  • Communicating with Others Effectively
  • Understanding What People Really Mean
  • Communicating with Yourself
  • Congruent Communication

Self-Concept Development

  • The Definition of Your Self-Concept
  • Identifying Who You Must Become
  • Self-Concept Building
  • Expanding Your Opinion of Yourself

After the initial one on one strategy session we will conduct a personality temperament test. This is a very valuable tool, especially as you build your foundation.

The strategies and techniques utilized are based in Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Coaching Methodology and Self-Concept Psychology.

Basic coaching sessions will be forty-five to sixty minutes long and scheduled on a weekly basis.  At times there will be homework to be turned in and other times research.

What you’ll be acquiring are tools for change that will assist you in creating the changes you seek effectively and rapidly.  Depending on your current level of development the training may last as long as a few months, however the tools will last a lifetime.

Membership in the Performance Zone is required. Please use the contact page on this web site to inquire about Performance Coaching. Put «Coaching» in the subject line.

After the initial consultation, the program will be outlined and agreed upon mutually. Payment instructions will be provided separately.



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