Welcome to the ePerformance Zone!

In today’s global marketplace I am regarded as one of the BEST TEACHERS, MENTORS & COACHES in the world when it comes to assisting people in discovering what they want and how to get it. People from all over the world have sought me out for my particular expertise and training.

Why? Because by sharing with you what I’ve learned from my mentors and coaches over the past thirty-five years YOU can learn how to BE, DO and HAVE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE! Faster than you have ever imagined!

Some time ago a good friend of mine from Latin America asked if I had any plans to move the weekly Performance Zone call to a web based system. After all, everything is available on the web, why not the Performance Zone? He asked me how I felt about sharing my discoveries with those who sincerely wanted a better life, as well as all the benefits that these secrets will give a person, when they apply them in their life.

I was excited about the idea and after numerous “storm braining” sessions, ePerformance Zone was born. The ePerformance Zone – your personal partner in providing the resources – mindset technology & conditioning skills – for you to achieve the success you seek and the lifestyle you deserve.

BUT I want to caution you on ONE THING……YOU have to be SERIOUS!

This is not some airy fairy “just sign up and we’ll do it for you” program. It’s not a sit and watch set up, more than anything else this is the most comprehensive “Get in the GAME!” team you will ever be a part of.

Before you read any further, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What limitations are holding you back?
  • Where could you be making strides in performance?
  • If you could change one thing as it relates to your performance, what would it be?
  • If you had no limits, what would you attempt to do?

That’s it – it’s that simple – I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is simple…..with the right game plan and guidance.

In the member’s area YOU will have access to the most effective, the most powerful success training & concepts that today’s top performers and producers use to achieve success in their endeavors. You can listen to and study the “secret keys” to making all your dreams come true. Just “click” to learn what the privileged few, the elite of the world, the World Champions, the top Executives have used to achieve their wealth and power.

I tease about the “secret keys” (there are no real secrets, primarily refinements and distinctions in thinking) but there is one thing I will not tease you about and that is this….

By making the choice to become a member of the ePerformance Zone you are making a DECLARATION of your COMMITMENT to your better future. The ePerformance Zone is the difference between the EXCELLENT and the AVERAGE; it’s a package of extremely effective strategies, techniques and tactics for personal breakthroughs.

What you do with this incredibly powerful set of tools is uniquely up to YOU!

I am bringing this FORWARD….providing to you what I have learned from my notes, recorded calls, interviews, training from my mentors, the system that brought forth a Championships, Gold Medals, residency at the US Olympic Center, Corporate success and recognition as a Top Producer & Sales Leader around the world to name a few of my accolades. The methodology is simple, it’s straight forward and it’s available to you for less than a trip to Starbuck’s.

Imagine having 24 hour access and being PERSONALLY coached by a Master Performance Coach…

  • How to attract money like a MAGNET!
  • How to have SUPER HEALTH!
  • How to have the romantic LOVING relationship of your dreams!
  • How to have unlimited personal power in life!!
  • How to be happy beyond belief!
  • How to overcome adversity, setbacks and disappointments and turn them into an advantage!
  • How to eliminate emotional pain and traumas!
  • How to create future events with uncanny accuracy in advance!
  • How to communicate with people effectively and direct all situations effortlessly!
  • How to wipe out stress, anxiety, fear, and become confident and self assured!
  • How to have the lifestyle and freedom you always wanted!
  • How to create your own LUCK and be happy in life!   
  • How to create a winning mindset for everything!

You could potentially do all this and even more!

I am personally inviting you to enroll in the ePerformance Zone during this pre-launch period to join us in the Pursuit of Excellence.

Here’s what some people said!

“Unreal! AMAZING! I never know I could control the images in my mind with such ease. I feel like I’m closer to my goals than ever!” – Jeff D.

“I feel confident, powerful and unstoppable! I now have tools for a lifetime to make anything I want happen! “ – Emiliano C.

 “Best training EVER! I learned how to feel happy whenever I want, every day. There is a feeling of being more in control and confident than ever, and it’s like I’ve become more lucky!” – Mark S.

“Now I know how I can repeat my successes and not the “other” stuff!

“EVERY person NEEDS to hear this information! And they should pay ANY PRICE!” – Anna H.

Here is what happens next….

You get it ALL! The weekly audio, the training, the conference calls, the articles, the interviews, the strategies, the NLP, the language patterns, everything! You will hear ALL the questions and you will hear ALL the answers! You will get all the same information that the achievers have received And YOU can receive ALL the same life-changing benefits! YOU are one of the first people being offered this PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE during this pre-launch phase!

Ok here’s the recap…

  • Weekly audio Training
  • Monthly webinar LIVE
  • Weekly Conference calls (archived)
  • Previous articles, audio, newsletters
  • Interviews, blogs, question & answer

An invitation to join an exclusive team of peak performers!

So, there you have it…

You now have direct access to the world’s most valuable secrets achieving remarkable health and success. No more excuses. It’s time to live the live you’ve always dreamed of.

The Best part about membership is this….are you ready? It’s only $9.97/month!

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Click Here for Basic Membership@ $9.97/month

I cannot tell you enough how your life can be PERMANENTLY changed for the better by putting this information into action.

You truly will NEVER be the same.

  • If you REALLY want MONEY…
  • If you REALLY want a better life…
  • If you REALLY want a great love life…
  • If you REALLY want to feel POWER and CONTROL in your life…
  • If you REALLY want FREEDOM…
  • If you REALLY want to create luck in life…
  • If you REALLY want to be super healthy and feel better than ever before…

Then take action now!

Stop thinking about it……or your life won’t be any different today than 5 years ago. Not an attractive option is it? Do you think your life will be different five years from now if you don’t do something different today? You know the answer to that…


Your membership in the ePerformance Zone can change your life FOREVER!

Get ready to have, be or do ANYTHING you want!!!

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Click Here for Basic Membership@ $9.97/month

Until we meet, put everything you have into everything you do because the best is yet to come!

Show Up, Suit Up & STEP UP!

David Martin

PS – just imagine for the average visit to Starbucks – skip the latte and scone once a month and you’ll be on your way to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of….time to STEP UP!

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Click Here for Basic Membership@ $9.97/month

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